Importing Evidence

This video tutorial covers importing evidence into any LIT SUITE Apps. Importing files uses the Files app, which allows you to import files from iCloud Drive, Box, Citrix Files, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and many more. ZIP files can be imported into TrialPad and DocReviewPad, but not TranscriptPad.

The entire video is informative to watch, but here are some important areas:

01:40 How to turn on and off different cloud storage providers.

03:04 Discusses the reason to create a Case File in the On My iPad location.

03:18 Shows how to create a new Case File.

03:45 Shows how to import files by pressing the + button under the document list.

03:50 Shows how to navigate to different locations from which to import files from.

Note: We are using iPadOS 14 and TrialPad for this video, but the same process and steps can be applied to our other apps.