How do I load exhibits into ExhibitsPad?

ExhibitsPad can import a folder of exhibits from the On My iPad and iCloud Drive storage locations, or from a connected USB drive. We recommend most that customers use a USB drive to import exhibits as it simplifies the process and ensures there is nothing in the cloud that has to be downloaded before it can be imported.

For a mediation, arbitration, or jury trial you will want to l load all the exhibits from both sides onto a flash drive and have the contents of that flash drive be imported into the ExhibitsPad app on each iPad. This ensures that an exact mirrored copy of all the exhibits will be in ExhibitsPad on each iPad.


The steps involved would be as follows:

(1) You would collect the exhibits from both sides, and using a desktop computer, put everything into one folder on a USB drive. For example, you might create a folder for the Smith v. Jones case, and in that folder create subfolders for Plaintiff’s Exhibits and Defendant’s Exhibits, or Document Exhibits and Multimedia Exhibits. The organization of the folders inside the case folder doesn’t really matter, but should be organized in such a way that would be logical to the end user.

(2) Once you have the flash drive containing the Smith v. Jones folder you would connect it to an iPad that already has a copy of ExhibitsPad installed on it. Depending on the flash drive and the iPad model, an adapter may be needed:

  • If the iPad model has a Lightning connector you will need a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter to connect a USB flash drive to the Lightning port (
  • If the iPad model has a USB-C connector you may be able to use a flash drive with a USB-C connector on both the desktop computer and iPad, or you may get a dual USB and USB-C flash drive to be able to connect it to both devices.

(3) Once the flash drive is connected to the iPad you would launch ExhibitsPad, enter a Case Name, and then press Add Exhibits. In the popover that opens you would navigate to the USB drive, tap on the Smith v. Jones folder (do not open the folder), and tap Done. This would import all the files and folders in that Smith v. Jones folder. When the import is finished you can check the evidence counters on the ExhibitsPad Home screen to make sure that each ExhibitsPad has the same number of documents, pages, and multimedia files. Tap on View Exhibits to view the exhibits in the case.