How would I use ExhibitsPad in a deposition?

At the start of the deposition you would hand the deponent an iPad that has ExhibitsPad installed on it, and you could also hand another iPad with ExhibitsPad to opposing counsel. The iPad does not need to have internet access or have any apps installed on it besides ExhibitsPad.

The exhibits can be loaded onto ExhibitsPad in two ways:

(1) You can preload all the exhibits that you intend to use in the deposition into ExhibitsPad. Please see the FAQ “How do I load exhibits into ExhibitsPad?”

(2) You could also have ExhibitsPad empty and only load one exhibit at a time, sending the document or multimedia file wirelessly using AirDrop. If you AirDrop the exhibits, each time a new exhibit is received by ExhibitsPad it replaces the previous exhibit. This allows you to control the flow of exhibits that the witness sees during the deposition. This would be analogous to handing the deponent a paper document, then taking it back before handing the deponent a new paper document.

You can AirDrop a document, photo, or video from TrialPad to the iPad being used by the deponent. You can annotate the document and add an exhibit sticker before sharing it. And each time an exhibit is shared with the witness, it can also be shared with opposing counsel, and the court reporter.

When you AirDrop an exhibit the witness will see an alert on the screen and will tap on ExhibitsPad to import that file into the case. Once the file is in ExhibitsPad the witness can swipe through all the pages of the document, or if it’s a very long document they can type in the page number that you’re referencing to jump straight to that page.