What is the cost for the LIT SUITE?

LIT SOFTWARE has an Enterprise Program with discounts and advantages for law firms, corporations, or government organizations who want to purchase 10 or more LIT SUITE licenses. More information on the Enterprise Program can be found here: https://support.litsoftware.com/do-you-have-an-enterprise-program-to-make-bulk-or-volume-purchases

The LIT SUITE is a suite of iPad and Mac apps that are available as an annual subscription. The LIT SUITE includes the iPad and Mac versions of TrialPad, TranscriptPad, and DocReviewPad. It also includes ExhibitsPad which is only available for iPad as it is designed to be an electronic exhibit binder distributed to to the triers of fact to review evidence.

Our App Store pricing includes a special discounted price for customers who want to take advantage of the limited time Early Subscriber Discount. This discount will allow you to subscribe for $399.99 per year, a significant limited time discount, offering tremendous value!

Once this Early Subscriber Discount expires it will no longer be available, but you can lock in your discounted pricing for as long as you maintain your subscription to the LIT SUITE! Your special subscription pricing will not increase even when we add more apps to the LIT SUITE.

We also offer a 7-day free trial to evaluate the apps before you buy. The free trial has no limitations or restrictions on the apps, and allows you to use your own documents and evidence.

Take the LIT SUITE for a test drive, and see why the LIT SUITE is the essential app suite every litigator should own! Here is the link to TrialPad: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1319316401

* The apps that make up the LIT SUITE are not priced or sold separately, and are only available as part of the annual subscription.

* Make sure you keep your subscription active to maintain any special pricing you may have received. If your subscription lapses for any reason you may fall into a higher price tier when you resubscribe.