Do you have an Enterprise Program to make bulk or volume purchases?

LIT SOFTWARE has an Enterprise Program for law firms, corporations, or government organizations who want to purchase 10 or more LIT SUITE licenses. This allows for the purchase and distribution of our apps directly from LIT SOFTWARE.

Each license provides access to all the LIT SUITE apps (TrialPad, TranscriptPad, DocReviewPad) for both iPad and Mac. It also includes ExhibitsPad which is an electronic exhibit binder app for the triers of fact to review evidence on an iPad. The license will include any new apps added to the LIT SUITE.

Purchasing the LIT SUITE through our Enterprise Program has some significant advantages:

  1. Payment can be made by options not available through the App Store (check, PO number, credit card), and therefore does not require expense reports and reimbursement to employees.
  2. Keeping track of licenses and users is simplified, so if you have users with their own devices and their own Apple IDs, or if you have firm-owned devices (or a hybrid of the two), you can keep track of which person has been issued which license.
  3. License Codes can be assigned, and reassigned. For example, if Lawyer A leaves the firm and is replaced by Lawyer B, the license for Lawyer A can be reassigned to Lawyer B for the remainder of the existing subscription term.
  4. License Codes can work with various MDM solutions used by IT departments.
  5. We include 1 hour of free Zoom training per 10 licenses, per quarter. The free training can be for lawyers, support staff, or IT personnel, and is tailored to whatever is needed, so it can be a simple Q&A session, assistance with setting up a specific case, preparing for trial, or a deep dive into a particular app or feature. Additional paid training is also available.
  6. Enterprise Program customers receive priority email support which would flag the firm or organization email address in our support system. We can also provide a limited call back service for any issue that cannot be resolved by email or our Help Center.
  7. We offer discounts for multi-year licenses:
    • A 2-year license to the LIT SUITE is discounted 25% from the current App Store price for the first year, with that same App Store price locked in for the second year even if the App Store price increases.
    • A 3-year license to the LIT SUITE is discounted 50% from the current App Store price for the first year, with that same App Store price locked in for the second and third years even if the App Store price increases.
  8. We offer easy Catch-Up Licensing if you want to add licenses after your initial purchase. The additional licenses would match the price and discounts of the original purchase during the first year, even if the App Store price has increased. To prevent multiple renewals at different times of the year, your existing licenses would be prorated and extended to match the expiration date of the new licenses.
  9. It is up to the Enterprise Program customer to notify us if they want to renew the subscription for another term at least 30 days before the end of the current term in order to retain the same pricing. This allows the licenses to be extended without any interruption or reinstalling the software.
  10. If a renewal date is missed and the License Codes expire, the Enterprise Program customer will need to resubscribe at the then current pricing, which may be higher, and the software will need to be reinstalled using a new License Code.
  11. We have a specific End User License Agreement for the Enterprise Program to accommodate the specific needs of enterprise users:

Please reach out to to get started.