Why is the LIT SUITE a subscription instead of a one time purchase and charging for upgrades?

Apple doesn't currently offer any way for developers to charge for upgrades in the App Store and subscriptions are the solution being adopted by software companies and developers. A subscription is a win-win situation for both our users and LIT SOFTWARE. It will allow us to grow our development team, provide even better customer support and training documentation, add user-requested features and improvements, and continue to provide the level of quality and reliability you've come to expect from us. Our users don't have to worry about up-front costs, purchasing an app at the end of its version life cycle, waiting for the next major update to incorporate new features (the apps will be updated as new features become available), or maintenance and support costs (a favorite of traditional software vendors). A simple annual subscription for all our apps means the cost can be budgeted, and you'll always receive the latest new features and improvements as they become available.