Why do you recommend setting the Document Storage location to be On My iPad, and store Case Files in the On My iPad location?

LIT SUITE Case Files are saved and stored using Apple’s efficient Package File Format, which allows even the largest cases to be saved quickly and efficiently. However, not all cloud storage providers (Box, Dropbox, etc.) currently support Apple’s Package File Format yet, so your Case Files should be created and stored in the On My iPad storage location.

To make sure your Case File is always saved to the correct location, open the iPad Settings app, scroll down to each of the LIT SUITE apps, and then change the Document Storage setting to On My iPad.

Your Case Files can always be backed up or moved to another location, and shared with another LIT SUITE user. If you want to move a Case File from one device to another, you can quickly and easily AirDrop a Case File between iPad and Mac devices.

For all these reasons we recommend storing your Case Files in the On My iPad location and changing the Document Storage setting to be On My iPad in the Settings for each app.

Document Storage Location