Why do I see a yellow alert warning symbol on my document thumbnails?

If you see a yellow alert warning symbol on any thumbnail images in your Document List, this indicates that the PDF file may have performance issues, may be corrupt, or may cause the app to crash when a search is performed on a folder that contains these files.

Alert Problem File

If you are experiencing any issues when searching the OCR data in a Case File it may be due to these files. You may want to move these files to a folder at the topmost hierarchal level in the case, and then perform any searches once inside specific folders at a lower hierarchical level.

Possible causes for files that display this warning alert:

  • Documents that are scanned at an unnecessarily high resolution. We recommend scanning at 150-300DPI.
  • Your Case File is located on a slow storage medium, such as a flash/thumb drive. Case Files should be stored in the On My iPad or iCloud Drive.
  • Other activity on your device is causing performance issues. Try quitting all your apps and restarting the device.