What is ExhibitsPad?

ExhibitsPad is a simple and easy-to-use electronic exhibits binder for the triers of fact.

You can load all the evidence into ExhibitsPad on multiple iPad devices to distribute to the judge and jurors in a trial, mediators and arbitrators, or deponents at deposition. Easily import exhibits from a USB drive, create mirrored iPad devices that contain all the evidence, and turn each iPad into an electronic exhibits binder.

This allows jurors to review trial exhibits without having to share binders and paper. They can can review documents, audio, or video files at their own pace. They can also save snapshots of pages of documents, or video frames, and annotate them to use in discussions with other jurors.

With the Guided Access feature on every iPad (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202612), you can restrict the iPad to only have access to ExhibitsPad. This means no other apps can be accessed that would allow independent research by a juror, such as social media or the internet.

ExhibitsPad replaces paper documents and binders for a more efficient way to view exhibits, saving time and money, while being mobile and efficient. With their own electronic exhibits binder, each juror can have all the trial evidence at their fingertips, speeding up the deliberation process, and ensuring an accurate and fair review of all the evidence.