What are the supported file types in TranscriptPad?

Transcripts have to be imported as native ASCII TXT files in order to be used in TranscriptPad.

NOTE: If you have a transcript that is only available as a PDF file you will not be able to use the powerful transcript review capabilities in TranscriptPad. We recommend importing any PDF transcripts into DocReviewPad where you can assign Issue Codes to individual pages of the transcript, and/or add sticky notes that will refer to certain lines of a page.

Text File


This is the standard file format created by court reporters/stenographers, and is the file type universally accepted by transcript review software.

Adobe Acrobat


Exhibits to a deposition can be imported as PDF files and will be placed in the Imported Exhibits folder.

NOTE: Password protected files need to have the password removed in order to be viewable in TranscriptPad.

Video File Formats

.MOV .MP4 .M4V

For syncing video depositions. If you have any difficulty with a video file we suggest using the free Handbrake desktop program (http://www.handbrake.fr) to convert video into one of the supported formats. It has an iPad preset to make the conversion process easy. Please see this support article for details: https://support.litsoftware.com/what-format-do-video-files-have-to-be-in-to-play-in-trialpad

Audio File Formats

.M4A .MP4

For wiretaps, interviews, or other audio-only files to be synced.