How do I use the Evidence List report?

The Evidence List report creates a report of your evidence. The report will include the number of documents (or multimedia files); the name of each file; the number of pages in a document, or the length of time for a multimedia file; the exhibit number if one was assigned; and the admitted status of each file.

The report is created using the current view, and includes the contents of any subfolders. If you want to create a report of all the evidence in your entire case you would create the report while at the topmost hierarchal level in your Case File. But if you only wanted to create a report of some files you could place them in their own folder and then run the report.

The report has various options to help you create the report of what you want. You can choose to Include All the evidence; or you can create the report only to include evidence that has been assigned an Exhibit Sticker; or only evidence that has been marked as Admitted; or evidence that has been assigned an Exhibit Sticker and been marked as Admitted. And the actual report can be sorted by the File Name or Exhibit Number.

Evidence List Report Options

Evidence List Report