How do I share an annotated transcript with another TranscriptPad user?

TranscriptPad has a unique Share Annotated Transcript feature that allows a user to export a single transcript from a TranscriptPad Case File, including any associated annotations such as Issue Codes or Highlights, and share it with another TranscriptPad user. This allows a legal assistant or associate to do a first pass on a transcript, adding Highlights, Issue Codes, Flags and Notes, and then share that transcript (by email, AirDrop, etc.) with another TranscriptPad user for further review and annotation.

This Share Annotated Transcript feature will also be useful for collaboration with an expert witness, and for our customers working on MDL and class action cases. Co-counsel in any given matter can share universally-relevant transcripts and annotations with each other from across an office, or across the country. An annotated transcript can even be shared with your opposing counsel as you prepare for trial, including only an Issue Code called “Our Designations”. Your opposing counsel can then add their designations and send the transcript back to you. You will each see each other’s designations, and can add Flags and Notes for objections, then create a beautiful color-coded PDF report to submit to the Court for rulings.

Share an Annotated Transcript

  1. To share a transcript, just tap on the Share Annotated Transcript button at the top of the screen (icon of two boxes with an up-pointing arrow).
  2. A Description is included with the transcript so you can keep track of versions. The default Description is Shared on YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS, but you can type your own message.
  3. Select what annotations you want to include in the shared transcript. For example, you may want to share everything with your co-counsel, but only share the “Our Designations” Issue Code with opposing counsel.
  4. Tap on Share and choose Save to Files in the popover, then select a destination for the file. The shared file will have the deponent information with a .tra-transcript suffix (e.g. Smith, John 20240101 Vol 1.tra-transcript).

Import a Shared Transcript

  1. The recipient of the shared transcript needs to tap on Plus > Import Files and select the shared transcript with the .tra-transcript suffix, then tap on Open and Done.
  2. The imported transcript file will display the Description under the transcript name to help you keep track of versions of the same transcript.
  3. To edit the Description, long-press on the transcript name and choose Rename, then edit the Description field as necessary.