How do I put different exhibit stickers on different pages of a single document?

With the new LIT SUITE version of TrialPad we added the ability to add exhibit stickers to every page of a document. You can assign the same exhibit number to every page of the same document so you always know what exhibit you’re looking at (Exhibit 1, Exhibit 1, Exhibit 1, etc.) or you can add an incremental number to each page (Exhibit 1.1, Exhibit 1.2, Exhibit 1.3, etc.).

If you want to assign an exhibit number to a specific page in a single document (e.g. only page 4 of a 10 page document) that page has to be a separate document by itself. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways:

  • You can isolate page 4 outside of TrialPad and import page 4 by itself as a new separate one page document.
  • You can choose the Extract option in DocReviewPad to extract page 4 from the document, then use the Export button to export just that page to TrialPad.
  • From within TrialPad you can have page 4 visible in the Preview window, then press the Share button and tap on Share Current Page, then press the Mail button to email the page back to yourself and reimport it as a new separate one page document.
  • In TrialPad you can take a Snapshot of the page which will make it a new one page document.