How do I make sure a juror can’t access the other apps on the iPad?

Every iPad comes with an Accessibility feature called Guided Access which keeps the iPad in a single app (ExhibitsPad). This prevents a user from accessing other apps, such as Facebook, or searching the internet.

To turn it on go to your iPad Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access and turn the switch On. Then set a passcode by tapping on Passcode Settings > Set Guided Access Passcode and enter a passcode number (make sure to remember the password!). Leave all the other options at their default settings.

After adding all your exhibits, you can enable Guided Access by doing a Triple-Click on the Top Button for an iPad with Face ID (or Triple-Click the Home Button for an iPad with Touch ID). 

To see the Guided Access options, Triple-Click on the Top Button (or Home Button), enter your Passcode and the screen will temporarily shrink and show the End, Resume, and Options buttons.

Tap on the Options button and make sure all the switches are On, except the Time Limit buttons which should be Off.

Press Resume to return to the app in Guided Access mode. Once Guided Access has started the user will not be able to go to the Home Screen or switch to any other apps. They will be limited to only using ExhibitsPad. 

To turn off Guided Access, Triple-Click on the Top Button for an iPad with Face ID (or Triple-Click  the Home Button for an iPad with Touch ID), enter your Passcode and then press End.

In ExhibitsPad, you can also add a password to prevent a user from pressing the app’s Home button to access the Home Screen of ExhibitsPad. Restricting this access will prevent the user from being able to press the destructive Delete Exhibits button, or the Add Exhibits button. 

To add a password to ExhibitsPad go to your iPad Settings > ExhibitsPad > Password and tap in the Password field to enter any alpha numeric password. We recommend using the same password chosen in Guided Access so it’s easy to remember.

Then in ExhibitsPad, when a user is viewing the exhibits they will not be able to go back to the Home Screen without entering the Password.