How do I get TranscriptPad to read the transcript to me?

Part of our commitment to creating accessible apps led us to some great new features that will help every lawyer who opens TranscriptPad.

If you’ve been using TranscriptPad for transcript review, you know that TranscriptPad has always had an Auto-Scroll feature that allows you to read a transcript hands free, even adjusting the speed according to your preference. With our latest update, TranscriptPad can now read the transcript to you! Simply tap on the speaker icon and turn on the Speak Transcript switch, select the question and answer voices you want to hear, then press the Play button to start listening.

TranscriptPad’s new Speak Transcript feature allows you to adjust the speed settings of the playback from half-speed (0.5x) to double-speed (2x) so that you can listen at the pace that suits your preference. Two different voices can be used to easily distinguish between the questions and answers. The default voices can easily be changed to any voice you have installed on your iPad (we recommend choosing the “Enhanced” versions of voices which are more realistic). Now you can listen to your transcripts on your morning commute to the office, while authoring your next brief at your desk, or even through your AirPods as you prepare dinner! Just open TranscriptPad, press play, and listen!

Search for our TranscriptPad Speak Transcript video to see Speak Transcript in action.