How can I stop my iPad and Apple TV from going to sleep during a presentation?

When using TrialPad, we automatically disable the screen from going to sleep when in Presentation Mode (i.e. when the Output button is set to On). This provides you the confidence that the iPad will not go to sleep in the middle of a long witness answer, or during a sidebar. However, if TrialPad is not in Presentation Mode the iPad will still go to sleep based on your selection in Settings > Display & Brightness. To prevent your iPad from ever going to sleep, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock > and change it to Never. (Be aware that this setting will drain your battery faster unless you manually turn off the screen by pressing the Power button.)

We recommend you prevent your Apple TV from starting the screensaver or going to sleep when using it for a presentation. To do this, on the Apple TV navigate to Settings > General > Screen Saver > Start After > and change it to Never, then go to Settings > General > Sleep After > and change it to Never.

IMPORTANT: To prevent another iPhone or iPad user (e.g. opposing counsel) from connecting to your Apple TV you should require a password to connect to your Apple TV. Go to Settings > AirPlay and HomeKit > Allow Access > Everyone, and then below in the same window select Require Password > On [enter a password].