Can you recommend a TV or projector to use with TrialPad?

We do not recommend specific TV or projector models, as each has its own advantages. For example, TVs are brighter than a projector displaying on a fabric screen, but a projector and screen are easier to transport to and from a courtroom than a large TV. You should also consider the aspect ratio, modern TVs are usually 16:9 aspect ratio while a projector can be a more square 4:3 aspect ratio or the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Some newer TVs have the Apple TV software built in so you don’t need to use a separate Apple TV device, but many people prefer to set up and use a separate Apple TV and then plug it into the HDMI port of the TV located at the venue where it will be used. This allows the user to travel with the small Apple TV device, and have the same configuration settings and a sense of familiarity with how things will work.

For projectors we recommend that it should have a minimum of 5,000 lumens for the brightness, and use LCD technology for the color clarity (DLP projectors show yellow highlights in a mustardy dark yellow). It should have an HDMI input in addition to a VGA input. Epson brand projectors have been very popular with our customers.

For the fabric screen to use with a projector, the Da-Lite Deluxe Insta-Theater portable screens are relatively light and set up in a few seconds. The 48" x 64" size (80" diagonal with a 4:3 aspect ratio) or the 44” x 78” (90" diagonal with a 16:9 aspect ratio) are good sizes for most courtrooms.

If you are not presenting wirelessly using an Apple TV, you will need the appropriate Apple adapter to connect your iPad model to the appropriate HDMI or VGA cable, and then connect that cable to the TV or projector. Make sure you only use Apple branded adapters as generic adapters sold on Amazon or other discount providers may not work reliably.