Can I play a PowerPoint or Keynote in TrialPad?

TrialPad does not support native PowerPoint or Keynote files, however you can export all the slides in your presentation as a PDF file to import into TrialPad. You will lose any transitions and animations in the export process, but you will gain TrialPad's easy and powerful annotation tools, such as being able to do a callout on particular areas of a slide. You’ll also easily be able to show slides in a non-linear fashion.

Once you import the PDF file into TrialPad. you can go from slide to slide using swipe gestures gestures, or use the Next Page or Previous Page buttons.

POWER USER TIP: If you want to have greater flexibility within TrialPad you can use Adobe Acrobat on your desktop to export all the pages of the presentation as individual PDF files and then import them into a TrialPad Case File and put them in a sub-folder called “Presentation”. This allows you to jump to any slide and not have to go in order, to rearrange the order of the slides, to delete and insert slides, and also has the advantage of showing a thumbnail preview of what the slide looks like before tapping on it.