Can I buy the LIT SUITE apps separately?

With the LIT SUITE subscription you can download and install the iPad and Mac versions of TrialPad, TranscriptPad, and DocReviewPad, or just one of the apps if you prefer, but the apps are not priced or sold separately.

All the apps in the LIT SUITE are designed to work together throughout the life of a litigation matter, and we are continuing to add new features and capabilities with better integrations.

DocReviewPad can be used for reviewing and issue coding documents, and then sending the relevant document to TrialPad ready for presentation. TranscriptPad is used for reviewing and summarizing transcripts, syncing and editing video depositions, and creating reports and impeachment slides to export to TrialPad to cross examine a witness. And TrialPad can be used to organize, annotate, and present evidence at mediation or trial, or even over Zoom.

Also included is ExhibitsPad, an iPad only electronic exhibits binder for the triers of fact, as a companion app to the LIT SUITE that is included in the price of the subscription.

We have other apps in different stages of development, and we plan to include them as part of the LIT SUITE subscription creating even more value!