Are your apps available on Windows, Android, or some other platform?

The LIT SUITE apps (TrialPad, TranscriptPad, DocReviewPad) are available for iPad and Mac. ExhibitsPad is only available for iPad as it is designed to be an electronic exhibit binder distributed to the triers of fact to review evidence.

The iPad is reliable, easy to use, and manage without any technical assistance, and is also the most popular tablet used by lawyers. Many of our users have purchased an iPad just to use our apps as they are less expensive than even one traditional computer trial presentation program, and it's easy to integrate them into your workflows whether you use Windows or any other platform.

The LIT SUITE apps allow users to create and work on their Case Files, and seamlessly share then between the iPad and Mac. The iPad and Mac apps are all included as part of the LIT SUITE subscription, offering great value. We have other apps in different stages of development.